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MyResumeLift was the brainchild of our founders who upon graduating from University learned that the first step towards employment was to build a resume. After a substantial period of rejection from numerous job opportunities they realized that it wasn’t qualifications, capabilities or experience or lack thereof that was holding them back but was not understanding the entire Hiring process in today’s world which Universities as prestigious as they may be simply do not tell you. So, instead of making just one Resume we decided to make Resumes for the entire world.

What is MyResumeLift?

MyResumeLift is a fully automated and optimized resume building service that is dedicated to helping job seekers find employment by using the latest in job market research. Our services include all products that premium resume writing services offer at a fraction of the cost. The only catch being that you get to choose what goes in your resume.


Start with a resume maker by selecting perfect Resume Templates in pdf or word format. Your Final Resume is generated based on ATS optimized Technology helping recruiters to sort your information in no time.